Excessive Alcohol Use: How It Damages Your Eyes

This could be a serious risk for you and the people around you. Heavy alcohol consumption can cause a person’s eyelids to twitch. Myokymia occurs due to the excessive amount of alcohol that slows the pupil’s reaction time. Below are some ways excessive alcohol consumption can damage the eyes.

alcohol blurry vision

A large study investigating the effect of alcohol on dry eye disease found that women have a significantly higher risk of experiencing dry eye symptoms after alcohol use as compared with men. In fact, drinking alcohol did not cause any increase in dry eye symptoms for men. Nutritional optic neuropathy is a painless but permanent loss of vision caused by nutritional deficiencies. A common reason for this type of nutritional deficiency is alcohol abuse, which leads to a lack of vitamin B in the body.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Optic neuropathy can cause loss of vision , decreased peripheral vision, and problems seeing colors. It is a more serious condition alcohol blurred vision than some of the other effects described above. One or both of your eyes may twitch during or after drinking alcohol.

People suffering from alcohol abuse know the way that their eyes feel after a night of drinking- dry, red and itchy. This is a result of dehydration, but these are only a few of the complications alcohol causes to the eyes. Alcohol abuse has short and long term implications for the human body. In addition to the immediate effects felt after consuming one drink, drinking alcohol in large quantities, frequently or binge drinking can lead to long-term complications on your health.

Long-term effects of alcohol on your vision

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If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol, it’s time to get help. Pick up the phone and contact one of our dedicated treatment providers today to get started with an alcohol rehabilitation program. Some people experience a visual aura before or during a headache.

Blurred Vision

The body’s neurotransmitters are in a perpetual tug of war with the alcohol being put into its system. As alcohol is being consumed, the body is trying to compensate and work harder to adjust. Once a person quits drinking, after the body has been used to working so hard against it, naturally as in a game of tug of war when one side lets go, it sends the other side rapidly backwards. Increased cataract formation–Multiple studieshave shown increased cataract formation in patients with higher alcohol consumption. You can also talk with your doctor about treatment facilities in your area.

  • Cataracts usually occur in people over the age of 55, but excessive drinking can cause them to develop earlier.
  • It occurs because the blood vessels in the eyes expand and fill with blood, causing them to have a bloodshot or red appearance.
  • Drinking excessively can also cause a build-up of red blood cells in the liver, which causes the whites of the eyes to yellow.
  • The risk of developing age-related cataracts changes based on the amount of alcohol a person drinks.
  • Driving safely requires the ability hone your senses in order to clearly see, hear, and anticipate potential dangers that surround you.


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